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The Autopsy Room

Posted by
mirela (ann arbor, United States) on 6 March 2010 in Documentary & Street.

Hi and I apologize to all that may be disturbed by these images; I always wanted to see an autopsy room, since I was young (and no, I am not morbid at all, I'm a sociologist - hope this explains my desire). Well, I got the chance to do it; I witnessed an autopsy (not allowed to take pics of the body, of course) and now I have mixed feelings about that crazy wish of mine...I (almost) wish I didn't do it...

tede from Aubenas 07, France

Bravo for your courage to be attending I do not know if I'll get! " Good day.

6 Mar 2010 10:56am

@tede: Thank you much, Tede :)

k@ from Paris, France

Geez..... but that's part of life too, well, the end ;) Don't be afraid to be morbid, the word sounds negative only because we are stupidly trying to avoid this taboo, but i'm sure we would be less frightened by all Death stuff if we faced it more frankly... Since i spend my life in hospitals for more than one year and a half my best sweet friend's side, i guess it's not the first place i'd love to go now ;) and yet... I saw a video about an autopsy when i was (too) young and it still haunts me, so I can understand what you felt but hey, tell yourself you went beyond your fright. Congrats. ("Six feet under", the serie, did a great job trying to kill the taboo too)

6 Mar 2010 11:20am

@k@: Thanks, K! You know that feeling, when you are attracted to see something, but in the meantime a bit frightened? That's exactly what I felt watching "Six feet under" - thanks for the great analogy! However, in real life, b/c I did not really expect to watch an autopsy, but rather to see the room, instruments, etc, when I saw the body - 3 feet away from me - I was so overwhelmed! I fear death and think about it at least once a day (Eliade said - I believe it was him - that thinking of our own death once a day will make one a much better person). I am glad I experienced that, however.
Next on my list is to visit a jail and then a psychiatric ward... I'll keep you posted :)

Steve Rice from Olympia, United States


6 Mar 2010 4:05pm

@Steve Rice: why is that?

Ralph Jones from Detroit, United States

You have WAY more guts (no pun intended) than I do.
As for jail, it's no fun, and will make you pay your tickets on time.

6 Mar 2010 4:50pm

@Ralph Jones: Well, the jail I plan to visit is for very (and I mean very) dangerous criminals. I'm a bit scared, but still willing to do it. Not sure how much I'll be able to use my camera, you see here, the feelings take over and the shots are not as good; on top of that, every move you make is watched and analyzed.

marc battault from clermont ferrand, France

I work in an ICU, you had the courage to go see an autopsy, I could not!

7 Mar 2010 10:47pm

Amanda from Jersey City, United States

These look like they could be part of the screen saver images at the hospital that show various areas and people that work there. You should start to sell your shots to UMHS! :)

9 Mar 2010 2:55pm